Our investment in leading software solutions allows us to exploit the benefits of Advanced Finite Element Software.

We work closely with Fabricators and Contractors at the procurement end of the construction cycle. We share the pursuit of making the structure work harder, increasing efficiency, safety, and overall accelerating programme through pre-fabrication and new working methods.

The sectors in which we are most actively engaged are Commercial Office, Schools, Hospitals and Residential Apartment Blocks.


We created and developed our own in-house technique and style especially for parts, assemblies, and processes within building construction..

With Nvidia iRay ray tracing we produce both static and also dynamic moving visuals  tailored to our Clients requirements.

Because we are foremost Structural Engineers, we ensure our visualizations are technically correct and accurate presenting an instant understanding with enhanced visual appeal.


Applying finite element design, detailing skills and a value engineered philosophy in our approach, we achieve the most efficient traditionally reinforced flat slab solution.

The solution yields both material and time savings.  We have completed over a hundred projects with total floor areas ranging from as little as 2000sq.m to well over 200,000sq.m with this solution.

Whether you are the Engineer or Contractor please get in touch to see the benefits we can bring to your project.



provide a competitive reinforced concrete detailing service for Engineers, Manufacturers and Contractors.

We model and detail in 3D on various software platforms depending on project and the Clients requirements i.e. whether it is precast concrete elements, traditional cast-in-place reinforcement or prefabricated and carpet reinforcement.

Our Client portfolio includes Reinforcement Suppliers, Precast Manufacturers, Framing Contractors and Structural Engineers.